Female Testimonials

Sophie French – Lifecoach

”’I can’t recommend Cliff’s programme highly enough – his knowledge is incredible, his support is unwavering’

Start weight: 66.2kg
Finish weight: 63.4kg 

What a 3 months it’s been! There have been a lot of ups, and a few wobbles too, but I’ve made it – and with a flat tummy and rock hard gluteus to show for it!

I have to admit I have found it tough at times, but it has been so so very worth it. Not only am I in so much better shape and feeling all-round so much more confident in myself, but I’ve learned so much information about nutrition and my body that will last me a lifetime!

The biggest change and benefit has had to be the connection between food and my mood. I’m quite honestly shocked at how much of a difference a balanced and healthy diet and lots more exercise has made to my mindset, and it has pretty much wiped out my anxiety!

By not eating anywhere near the amount of rubbish I was eating before, I’ve become really mindful of how certain foods make me feel, which has made it easier to know what I can incorporate back into my diet, and what I’m actually much better off without!

That said, I’m not yet ready to give up Chinese takeaway for good, so I still have some work to do there. But I’ve not missed having alcohol at all which has really surprised me, and I haven’t even missed my usual favourite: a Five Guys burger!

I have to admit, after my final session and weigh in when Cliff declared me a ‘free woman!’ I felt like raiding the fridge and eating EVERYTHING just because I could. But in all honesty I feel full so quickly now, and I don’t feel the need to eat crap because I know how much it affects my energy levels.

The exercise part I still need to work at – because I do find it hard to get motivated when no-one’s checking up on me. But I’ve absolutely rebooted my love for movement, and I’m now on the lookout for plenty of ways I can exercise and LOVE rather than feeling like I’m dragging myself there. I’ve been keeping up at least 8,000 steps a day which has made a really big difference, and using a standing desk wherever I can has made a great difference to my posture and reduced back pain too!

I’m so thrilled with my results, and while I’ve definitely lost weight off that little gut of mine, toned up lots and feel really great in my new smaller bod, the change in my overall health, fitness and mindset have been the real incredible transformation!

I can’t recommend Cliff’s programme highly enough – his knowledge is incredible, his support is unwavering and he’s completely committed to your success but in a really personalised way that ensures you’re doing things that suit you and your lifestyle and that are sustainable after the programme too.

If you want to finally stop complaining about always being tired, feeling sluggish, and want to get your energy levels back and look great in the process.

Katie Jiggens – Student

”In the last 12 weeks I have nearly 5kg, reduced my bodyfat by over 5% and my circumference measurements added together have reduced by 15 inches”

Start weight: 72.4kg
Finish weight: 67.7kg

After taking a break from competitive sports, I found that I gained a substantial amount of weight and lost a lot of confidence in myself. I looked for a personal trainer to help me get back on track, push my limits, educate me, and help get my confidence back.

After researching personal trainers in the local area, Cliff stood out to me, and upon meeting him for the first time he appeared very open, confident and that he genuinely loves his job and helping others. He was very clear and direct about how we would proceed, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

In the last 12 weeks I have lost over 5kg and my circumference measurements added together are down 15 inches, most notably on my hips, which have reduced by over 4 inches. I also achieved this by still having some naughty foods from time to time, such as pizza and Chinese.

During my time training so far, I have found Cliff continuously helps to make sure you’re on track and heading in the right direction, with regards to both what you do with him at the studio and what you are eating at home. This has helped me to stay focused and motivated, and decreased my chances of going off the rails, which has happened in the past.

Everything is always explained to you, which helped me understand why I’m doing each thing at every step along the way, from what macros to aim to achieve, to the style of training I’m doing.

Overall, my experience has been fun, educational and challenging (but in the best possible way). I have made more progress than I ever expected I would, both in my appearance and my performance. I’ve made so many other improvements in my life, including my posture, productivity and my attitude towards food, which, all combined, has left me feeling much more energised, healthy and with a positive outlook overall.

I am really looking forward to the next 12 weeks to see how far I can take my body and my training. If you are interested in improving your body and performance, I would definitely recommend CSF; it’s such a friendly atmosphere and effectively helps you reach your goals, and the burpee threats are also effective!

Nicky Rigby

”I am much fitter, healthier and the happiest I have been with my own body in years”

Start weight: 75.8kg
Finish weight: 70.4kg

As a relative newcomer to the world of fitness, I was never the biggest fan of gyms. I wasn’t confident on how to use the equipment properly and was put off for good after sustaining an injury when attending a gym class. I found gym class instructors would often have little consideration for if you were carrying out an exercise correctly. As a result, I quit the gym and over time became unfit, out of shape and in need of change.

I knew a personal trainer would come at a price, but believed the results, guidance and support would be worth it.

After a serious amount of Googling personal trainers in the Leicester area, I chose to approach Clifford Saul Fitness.

The fact that Cliff is not based in a large gym definitely appealed to me. After my first free consultation, I was impressed that the personal training would not only cover personalised training sessions, but also home workout programmes and nutritional plans. The opportunity to supplement my one-to-one sessions with group classes trained by Cliff was a big plus.

  • In 12 weeks, my body fat has dropped from 30% to around 25%
  • I have lost over 5 inches from my waist and countless more everywhere else

As a result of the nutritional guidance, and in comparison to where I was before, I have made a considerable life change in what I eat. The weight I have lost is staying off!

I am much fitter, healthier and the happiest I have been with my own body in years.

I am determined to improve further, and with Cliff’s encouragement I hope to get there.

Cliff is a fantastic personal trainer and extremely motivating. I never would have got the results I have now without him. Having trained with Cliff for a while now, he still makes sure that I do every exercise correctly to maximise results and minimise any potential risks for injury. The sessions push me much harder than I ever would if training by myself. Along with my one-to-one sessions, the circuit classes are a great way to keep the training up.

The training environment is such a welcoming and friendly place to be. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to lose a few kg or wanting to improve their fitness.

Sharon Saunders

”So far I have lost 7kg!”

Start weight: 71.2kg
Finish weight: 64.2kg

I wanted to get a personal trainer because I had been attending circuit training, and even though I was seeing results, I wanted to get better overall results.

Cliff ran the circuit sessions and it was a natural choice to start training with him, as I knew him and was comfortable. So far I have lost 7kg and over 6% body fat. Cliff takes time to explain everything we do to do with diet and exercise, and has coached me to think more positively, which is great support.

Cliff’s approach is a nice balance of laid-back but strict, humorous but professional. He communicates in a simple way so I understand, and then reiterates it with the science later. Since I have been training, my motivation to do my best to achieve my goals has increased. He inspires, supports and understands what I want to get out of it.

I would recommend CSF to anyone who is serious about improving their health and fitness. I have actually referred several friends and family and it’s great, as now they are reaping the rewards.

Bee Herian – Nurse

”The doctor told me I wouldn’t lose weight due to an under active thyroid, I lost nearly 7kg”

Start weight: 103.6kg
Finish weight: 97.1kg

I originally attended Clifford Saul Bootcamp at the beginning of 2014, the same year I had been diagnosed with the autoimmune disease, hypothyroidism. As a result of a very underactive thyroid, I suffered from fatigue, severe muscle ache, anxiety, and excessive weight gain.

My own goal at the time of signing up to the challenge was simply to stop putting on any more weight. My GP had advised me that it would be very difficult for me to lose weight and that I shouldn’t be disheartened if I didn’t lose any, as this was common in patients with an underactive thyroid. It was after this conversation with my GP that I contacted Cliff. I explained my situation and asked him for his opinion. Cliff responded to me immediately and reassured me that he was confident we could work together and achieve results.

Time, self-confidence and motivation were big barriers initially; however, right from the start, Cliff’s down to earth attitude and belief that I would see results despite my condition fuelled my motivation.

There were weeks when time was an issue. However, Cliff was really good at helping me talk through alternatives, and went out of his way to create a home workout for me.

I thought the Transformation programme was brilliant. I was impressed with the initial consultation, which involved using my weight, measurements and body fat percentage to work out my recommended carb, protein and fat intake. Cliff encouraged me to track my food using the ‘MyFitnessPal’ app, and regularly checked my food intake to make sure I was on track. Being held fully accountable really made all the difference, as the weeks when I wasn’t at the gym so much or when my food slipped, I knew Cliff would be checking, ensuring I got back on track pretty quick.

My energy levels have improved dramatically and I no longer spend most of my days collapsed on the sofa. Instead, I am able to spend time being active with my boys. My doctor has just told me my thyroid levels are now (as of December 1st) normal! I no longer suffer with stiff joints and muscle pain. I have developed healthy eating habits and I’ve lost weight! I have lost 6.5kg (14.5lbs!) and my body fat percentage has reduced by 8%! My waist has dropped 4.5 inches, 5.5 inches off my tummy, and my hips have shrunk by 7 inches!

I’m only at the beginning of my weight loss journey but already I feel so much more positive, and I am confident that with the help and support from Cliff, I will continue to make lasting changes.

Lucy Spencer – Teacher 

”No more crippling stomach pains and 14lbs lighter!”

Start weight: 68.7kg
Finish weight: 62.2kg

I initially started training with Cliff to improve my fitness levels and generally tone up. For the last two years I have been struggling with crippling stomach pains. I saw Cliff’s website and after a discussion, I signed up. To me, the challenge isn’t all about fat loss but can help with nutrition intolerances and improved energy levels, so I decided to give it a go with nothing to lose apart from the cost of the programme, which I thought was very reasonable.

I’ve been slim all my life, but I had noticed I had put on a few unwanted lbs, especially around the tummy area. So even though the primary goal wasn’t weight loss, I was motivated to see what changes I could make to my body with the right guidance.

I thought time would be an issue at first, as I am very busy with children and work, but I soon got used to the extra effort needed. It was actually not that difficult to fit in to my busy life.

At the end of the 12 weeks, I have lost 6.2 kg, which was more than expected, and my stomach problems have drastically improved. If my stomach is upset I now have the knowledge to understand why, as I have discovered that my problems were mainly due to lactose intolerance.

Thanks to Cliff, my body fat has gone down from around 30% to 24%%, and I have lost 3 inches on my hips. I feel much healthier and happier with my new body.

Camilla – Student 

”I feel like a new person, my dizziness has gone, I have a huge amount of energy and I’m in the best shape I’ve bee”

Start weight: 45kg
Finish weight: 50kg

I was put into touch with Cliff through a relative who could see I needed some guidance with my fitness goals and nutrition. When I first met Cliff, I thought I knew everything about fitness and nutrition already, but he soon made me realise the way I was treating my body was extremely unhealthy. I was determined to be as thin as possible and had a diet of around 600-800 calories a day, and was doing HIIT training six times a week. I also had really bad symptoms of dizziness and fatigue, which prevented me from carrying out normal daily chores. At 45kg, Cliff made me understand my goals were wrong and the training I was doing would eventually harm my health.

The only obstacle I faced, preventing from me training with Cliff when I needed to, was the fact that I lived away at university in Liverpool, so could only meet up every month or so. However, this wasn’t a problem as I felt I could keep in touch with Cliff whenever I needed some help, guidance, had any questions, or was going through a tough time with the training plan.

When I first received my training plan, I was very nervous and shocked about what it involved. In particular, I was apprehensive about my new calorie goal target that was nearly 1000 extra calories a day. The training involved a lot less high intensity workouts and much more resistance training. I knew ultimately the goal was to put muscle mass on to get me fit and strong, but this was still a daunting prospect.

I embraced the plan and stuck to everything Cliff had told me to do. It was definitely a huge change from what I was used to, and at the beginning I found it particularly hard to consume my target number of calories a day. But with a lot of guidance about the right things to be eating and at what times in the day, along with a detailed training plan, I eventually began to feel great. Not only did I feel healthier, stronger and more energetic, but my body was changing in a way that I liked! My goals suddenly changed, and after sticking to the plan, I couldn’t wait to build more muscle and become stronger. Going from wanting to lose as much weight as possible, to wanting to become a fitter, leaner and stronger version of myself, I only have Cliff to thank for this. I would have done myself some serious damage without his knowledge and guidance.

I’ve learnt so much from Cliff, and I am now entirely comfortable to walk into a gym and go on any machine or pick up some weights with the confidence that I know what I’m doing. Most of all though, I feel like a new person – my dizziness has gone, I have a huge amount of energy and I’m in the best shape I’ve been in! With new fitness goals, I’m excited to continue working with Cliff and see what we can achieve together.

Victoria – Fashion Designer

”I have had a fantastic experience and it really does prove that with the right help you really can achieve your result”

Start weight: 51.9kg
Finish weight: 50.2kg

After injuring my knee running, I got frustrated with not doing any kind of exercise, and if I did do anything it was aimless, so I wanted some direction to focus what I was doing, working on toning and strength whilst I couldn’t run. I also felt that whilst running kept me fit, I was still not as toned as I would like to have been.

A close friend recommended I contacted CSF, as she had also been using him and had been achieving good results. So far I have been working with Cliff for over a year, and would say within the first 4-6 weeks I started to notice results, and although I have had a few breaks and holidays within that time, I am still seeing results today.

Putting in the time both in PT sessions and in-between, to train and review my nutrition, has helped me on my way to achieving my goals. Taking progress shots have really helped to see the differences, along with the body fat and circumference measurements taken by Cliff.

I feel the training is tailored to the individual and focuses on what you want to achieve. I changed my goals a couple of times, and Cliff worked with me to accommodate these and planned my training plans accordingly. Whilst the sessions are hard work, Cliff has a friendly and motivating attitude, which pushes you to work as hard as you can.

I have had a fantastic experience and it really does prove that with the right help you really can achieve your results. Overall, Cliff is a friendly, professional trainer who takes the time to listen to individual needs, working with you to create a plan that can be maintained, with updates and progression to keep you motivated, ensuring you progress week on week.