Sophie’s – Final Check In!

By February 5, 2018Fitness

It’s been nearly 3 months and there have been a lot of ups, and a few wobbles too, but I’ve made it – and with a much flatter tummy and rock hard gluteus to show for it!

I have to admit I have found it tough at times, but it has been so so very worth it. Not only am I in so much better shape and feeling all-round so much more confident in myself, but I’ve learned so much information about nutrition and my body that will last me a lifetime!

The biggest change and benefit has had to be the connection between food and my mood. I’m quite honestly shocked at how much of a difference a balanced and healthy diet and lots more exercise has made to my mindset, and it has pretty much wiped out my anxiety!

By not eating anywhere near the amount of junk food I was eating before, I’ve become really mindful of how certain foods make me feel, which has made it easier to know what I can incorporate back into my diet, and what I’m actually much better off without!

That said, I’m not yet ready to give up Chinese takeaway for good, as I have learn’t how to keep a balance. But I’ve not missed having as much alcohol which has really surprised me, and I haven’t even missed my usual favourite: a Five Guys burger!

So, will I keep it up?

I have to admit, after my final session and weigh in when Cliff declared me a ‘free woman!’ I felt like raiding the fridge and eating EVERYTHING just because I could. But in all honesty I feel full so quickly now, and I don’t feel the need to eat crap because I know how much it affects my energy levels.

The exercise part I still need to work at – because I do find it hard to get motivated when no-one’s checking up on me. But I’ve absolutely rebooted my love for movement, and I’m now on the lookout for plenty of ways I can exercise and LOVE rather than feeling like I’m dragging myself there. I’ve been keeping up at least 8,000 steps a day which has made a really big difference, and using a standing desk wherever I can has made a great difference to my posture and reduced back pain too!

I’m so thrilled with my results, and while I’ve definitely lost fat off that little gut of mine, toned up lots and feel really great in my new smaller bod, the change in my overall health, fitness and mindset have been the real incredible transformation!

While I found Cliff’s  knowledge incredible, his support is unwavering and he’s completely committed to your success but in a really personalised way that ensures you’re doing things that suit you and your lifestyle and that are sustainable after the programme too.

If you want to finally stop complaining about always being tired, feeling sluggish, and want to get your energy levels back and look great in the process, think about getting help by hiring a Personal Trainer.

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