Bradgate Picnic Bootcamp

Clifford Saul Fitness and Find Your Fitness UK have created a programme that incorporates all components of fitness – cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, strength, balance, stability, posture, core strength, speed, and agility –into one jam-packed 60-minute session that will have you smiling all the way.

We have conducted countless outdoor bootcamp sessions in Leicester since 2009. Bootcamp sessions are meant to be fun but hard; challenging you and pushing you further than you thought you could go.

We include elements of functional and body weight training and sport-specific conditioning, designed to super charge your metabolism, build strength, increase cardio conditioning and help you shed fat and get fit, all whilst making some fantastic new friends.

Our programme is designed to challenge participants individually, allowing everyone to give 100%, regardless of age or current fitness levels. The Clifford Saul Fitness personal trainers and bootcamp coaches are there to help you perform better in each and every bootcamp session.

Bradgate Bootcamps are a great all round workout with experienced, dedicated personal trainers. I met loads of like-minded people who I am still friends with now. You are pushed to your limits to ensure you train to your full potential. Fun, challenging and I found them a great addition to my workout routine.

Lucy Spencer

I really enjoyed the Bradgate Bootcamps I have attended, they are well organised, fun and a great opportunity to exercise in such a fantastic setting, topped off with a healthly picnic at the end, which was fun to share food ideas and recipes with other attendees. Highly recommend.