Clifford Saul

Hi, my name is Cliff and I created Clifford Saul Fitness back in January 2009, with the idea of providing a results-driven personal training service that works around a busy modern lifestyle.

After completing my Personal Training Level 3 Diploma, I started my career at a commercial gym in Leicester, and after 2 years with David Lloyd I packed my bags and travelled to South East Asia, working as a performance coach at Asia’s leading fitness company, Fitcorp Asia.

Returning to England in 2012, I wanted to be more than just another personal trainer in a congested, dirty, commercial gym, in an already saturated market. I also did not want to be based in a huge gym where most personal trainers were uninterested in their client’s goals, unenthusiastic and often completely unreliable in turning up, never mind getting fantastic results for their clients. I wanted to offer a much more exclusive training experience, where the client can get the best results possible in the quickest time frame, and in a better, more private environment.

So I decided to open Find Your Fitness UK – a small but very well-equipped semi-private personal training studio, offering one-to-one personal training, group personal training, small group training, bootcamps, fat loss programmes, nutrition programmes, fitness events, and products from Leicester’s leading award-winning supplement company, Taurus Health & Fitness.

One of the many amazing benefits of having my own studio is that I can create a better working environment for the client. As it’s a personal training studio and not a gym, there is no waiting around for equipment, making every session much more productive.

Over the past eight years, I have worked with everyone from business executives to female footballers, so if you are serious about achieving the results you desire, whether it be fat loss, muscle gain, sports performance, or getting ready for that special occasion, get in touch today.

I look forward to hearing from you,