Our Mission

To help busy parents and business professionals achieve their health and fitness goals, using a sustainable and fun approach. Whether that’s fat loss, hypertrophy or sports specific. We put place an emphasis on each of the following 3 components;

Muscle – Mindset – Health

We aim to achieve your results in the fastest but safest time frame possible.
With over 12 years experience as a Personal Trainer, we have helped thousands of individuals achieve their results.
We educate and motivate, meaning by the end of our time together you will have the knowledge to sustain
and build even further upon your results.


Helping you achieve your goals is our main passion and priority.

Clifford Saul Fitness delivers exceptional results with the key focus on you and your needs.

At CSF we place a major emphasis on the educational components of training and nutrition, using various methods suited to your unique needs and abilities. It’s the knowledge behind how exercise and nutrition works that keeps you on track for a lifestyle change rather than a quick, short-lived result.

Using science, creativity and innovation, you will receive an experience rather than just a training session in the gym.
We are solely dedicated to helping you maximise your potential, and
provide you with the tools you need to achieve your personal goals.

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Client Testimonials

''I have reduced my body fat by 8%. Along with increasing my muscle mass and reducing my body fat, my flexibility has really improved. I was the ultimate ‘Mr Stiff’; I am naturally not very bendy, and could hardly touch my toes. I feel like I have got a long way to go, but I’m determined to keep going, and with the help of Cliff I am confident I will get there.''

Richard Babliss

My aim was to get down to 100kg. Over the last 6 months, I’ve lost 28kg, A lot has changed a lot over the last six months. I struggled with back pain and bad knees and this has since cleared up. I have a lot more energy and feel the best I’ve felt in years. I can’t imagine not training now, and want to move the goal post and push on further.

Tim Smith

''At the end of the 12 weeks, I have lost 6.2 kg, which was more than expected, and my stomach problems have drastically improved. If my stomach is upset I now have the knowledge to understand why, as I have discovered that my problems were mainly due to lactose intolerance. Thanks to Cliff, my body fat has gone down from 30% to 24%, and I have lost 3 inches on my hips. I feel much healthier and happier with my new body.''

Lucy Spencer

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