Team Personal Training
(2-4 people per class)

Let’s face it, personal training is expensive and not everyone can afford it. However, we would love it to be more accessible. We want our regular personal training clients to step up their training and get more sessions in, without breaking the bank. This is why our Group Personal Training is great.

Small enough not to be a class; big enough to significantly reduce the cost, enabling you to train more often and get even better results. It has all the advantages of personal training, but with the added bonus that you can share the cost with your friend, colleague or family member.

At the price you’re paying, you don’t get the same flexibility as one-to-one personal training, but the way we have approached the classes is that they are at set times and with a book-on and drop-in approach, enabling you to work around your commitments.

We’re very proud of the workout programme that we have designed. The best feedback has come from our clients, who simply love the competitive edge it creates. Who can get the best results? Who can become the strongest? Every client tells us they love the sense of working hard, and training together with a team ethos, the ‘never leave a man behind’ attitude.