Small Group Training

At Clifford Saul Fitness, you have the opportunity to take your training to new levels with the most exciting and diverse range of small group training in Leicester, dedicated to achieving amazing results. We believe that inspiration makes people take action and achieve better results. In our Small Group Training classes, everyone is in a setting in which they can succeed and have fun, as we provide a motivating and unconditionally positive environment.

In a group setting, there is always someone alongside you to pick you up, to motivate you and to take you to the next level. We strive to inspire you to inspire others; here, you will meet new people, develop friendships and find like-minded people who share your values of success and results. SGT makes training enjoyable, and in the process you will reach your goals and feel great.

Below is a timetable of all the classes available, with a brief description of what to expect. Each class has been carefully designed to ensure that all fitness levels are welcome.